I’m a copywriter with a curiosity for short-form copy and a love of books. Over 30 days, I’m writing 100 hooks a day for 30 different books.

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Five years ago I started writing my first novel. 

Three years ago I tried to work out how to sell it. 

I struggled. I did all the things…

But I always felt there was something missing. 

And that’s when I found copywriting. 

And everything fell into place. 

Admittedly, I was on a secret mission to hoard all the marketing secrets I learned and use them to sell my own books.

But now I’m hooked and I want to help more people, people like you, who believe in the power of words to make an impact.

So I’m a freelance copywriter who wants to help you to market your books, write your emails, ad copy, and help you grow your brand.

Here’s where my words can help….


  • Amazon SEO and category research, so your book gets organic reach.
  • Desire-inducing book descriptions that speak to your target audience.
  • Irresistible sales and landing pages that appeal to your kind of people.
  • Book launch email strategy to create a buying-buzz.
  • Book back matter optimisation to draw readers deeper into your world.
  • Amazon & Facebook ads that set the seeds for buying.
  • Funnel audits to help you fix a pre-existing but leaky book funnel.


  • That are welcoming and engaging.
  • That focus on building a relationship with your audience.
  • That evoke an emotional connection and drive action.
  • For promo campaigns that don’t burn or bore your list out.
  • That create excitement and pre-sell your offer before the cart your opens.

People say the nicest things…

Join me in my weekly deep-dive into the psychology behind bestselling book descriptions. I’ll show you what works…and what doesn’t…