100 Hooks Project

I’m cranking out 100 hooks for 30 books in 30 days

Whether you call them hooks or taglines, log-lines or one-liner’s, they’re zeroed in messages designed to pull you in.  

Like “Alien” – In space, no one can hear you scream.

Or “Bonnie And Clyde” – They’re young, they’re in love, and they kill people.

They make you go ‘ooh, I wanna see that.’ 

Just like the hook for Adam Croft’s book, Her Last Tomorrow: 

Would you murder your wife to save your daughter?

If you like thrillers, you’re going to want to read the rest of the blurb. 

But what makes a great hook? 

I’m on a mission to find out…

So I’m writing 100 hooks for 30 books in 30 days (or as many books as I can while my sanity, relationships, and general wellbeing remain intact). 

What the hell am I thinking?

Yeah, I know, attempting to write 100 hooks for one book sounds about as fun as a colonoscopy. Doing it repeatedly is pure stupidity.

Especially when Chat GPT can spit out a whole bunch of ‘em in the time it takes to boil a kettle. 

Who’d be that stupid?

Erm… that would be me. 

And I’ll tell you why: 

I’m not ready to hand over my creativity to a machine. 

Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.

Yeah, sure, it saves you a whole bunch of time. 

And it saves you a whole bunch of brain juice. 

But thinking about stuff, learning stuff, like deep learning, well, you can’t short cut it.

Not if you really want to understand something. 

And I really want to understand hooks.

I wanna be able to spot them with the beady-eyed precision of an eagle.  

It’s a skill I want to hone.  

Besides, what is life for if we don’t explore the possibilities?

If we don’t stay curious?

If we don’t push boundaries…

If we leave our thinking to an algorithm… What will we become?

It’s by doing the reps, digging deep, focusing and thinking and asking questions that we really truly learn. 

Which formulas work? Which don’t?

How can I use what I know about writing headlines, subject lines and bullets to write great hooks?

How can I load a short sentence with emotion? Do I even need to? 

And probably a whole bunch of other questions I’ll learn on the way. 

So yeah, I’m writing 100 hooks for 30 books – hopefully in 30 days, just because I want to learn how to spot and write great hooks for books. 

Still think I’m crazy? Suit yourself. But you are still reading, which means you’re at least a little bit curious…

Here’s how it’s gonna work

I’ll write 100 hooks every week day for 30 days. (Well, duh, I’ve mentioned that already)

I’ll post a round-up every Sunday. And I’ll share everything I learn along the way – hooks included. 

Wanna join in?

If you want me to write 100 hooks for one of your books (for free), there’s a few things I need:

  • A link to your book on Amazon – so I can read the look inside.* 
  • It needs at least ten written reviews. Doesn’t matter what the star rating is, no judgement here.
  • You need to be happy for me to share the hooks I write on my website. 

You get to keep/use/tweak any of the hooks I write.

If that sounds good, copy n paste your Amazon book link into this form. 

(*Sorry, no children’s books. There’s just not enough meat in them.)

Just wanna follow along?

Come join the ride for shits n gigs or just out of sheer morbid curiosity, sign up for the Sunday round up 👇