Imagine launching your book and only your mum buying it.

Cripes. No thanks.

Thing is, it’s one thing to write a book but a whole ‘nother thing to sell it.

So now let’s imagine…

Not having to spend hours writing and rewriting your book description.

Knowing how to frame your ad copy in a way that easily attracts new readers. 

Having a responsive email list, one full of people who can’t wait to read your emails and actually buy your book instead of hanging on for freebies. 

That would be good, right?

Cool. Stick with me. You’re in the right place.

I started writing sci-fi and horror back in 2017. At first it was just a little blog called ‘the reluctant writer’ but then it grew into a novel that I finally published in 2020.

When I was trying to figure out how to sell books, in late 2018, I found copywriting. As a former mental health nurse, it felt like coming home. I found my writery place in the world. 

So in 2020, I pressed pause on my publishing career to focus on learning how to write to sell

Since then, I’ve worked with countless brands, from web developers to florists and photographers, from recruitment agencies to health tech start-ups and diamond jewellers, and yes, authors.

I’ve helped them grow using the power of persuasion psychology. 

And now, I’m throwing everything I know about email marketing, web copy, and conversion copywriting at my true passion, book marketing.

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