Day 7 – Airliner Down (f)

Book: Airliner Down

Author: John Etzil

Category: Fiction – Aeroplane Thriller/Technothriller

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All 100 hooks:

1A fast action, violent, and intense Airplane thriller you won’t forget in a hurry.
2Are you aerophobic? You could be after reading this deadly airplane thriller…
3“Airliner Down by John Etzil is a sit on the edge of your seat suspense story that is difficult to put down.” Amazon reviewr
4From LA to Hawaii… What could go wrong
5This is the story of Flight 2262, plummeting into the sea
6An airplane thriller that you’ll want to strap in for. 
7Christmas isn’t a season, it’s a feeling…as though you’re plummetting to earth in tin can
8When an explosion rips through flight 2262, suddenly everyone has a window seat
9To the people on flight 2262: Prepare to die
10“Airliner Down” is a fast-paced technical thriller written by former pilot John Etzil.
11What happens when there’s a bomb in the nose cone?
12They’re on their way to paradise… but one person on board won’t rest until they’re all dead…
13A terrifying battle between 250 tons of metal and gravity…
14How to survive a terrorist attack on an airplane…even when both pilots are dead
15A terrorist wants to make this everyone’s last flight, one man has other ideas
16When a terrorist on flight bound for Hawaii wants everyone dead…this is what you do…
17What everyone ought to know about what happened on flight 2262
18Two pilots are dead. There’s only one pilot left on board… and he’s locked out of the cockpit
19The only time you’d wished they’d bumped your flight
20Would you rather the plane you’re on exploded mid-air or plunge into the sea?
21A plane can still fly if it’s struck by lightning… but if a bomb goes off…
22The wrong place at the wrong time is 35,000ft in the air… in the middle of the Pacific… in plane with no fuel 
23Flight 2262 is cleared for takeoff… but who knows where it will land
24The quickest and easiest way to plane a broken plane in the Pacific
25Thousands of miles off course. With a bomb on board. And nowhere to land. 
26If a plane goes off course and crashes in the Pacific…will anyone find it?
27When an off-duty pilot boarded Flight 2262 to Honolulu, little did he know it was heading for a diaster
28“Flight 2262, what’s your bearing?”
29How can an off-duty pilot take control of a plane…and land it safely in the middle of the ocean?
30“This book is fast paced, a roller coaster ride of emotions.” Amazon reviewer
31Suppose a terrorist took over your flight…
32Window seat or aisle? Either way, the plane’s going down…
33An airport maintenance man helps passengers take off with a bang. 
34A flight to paradise turns into hell
35There’s a bomb on the plane…someone should tell the passengers…shouldn’t they?
36An off-duty pilot’s holiday takes a nose dive
37When your life jacket probably won’t save you…but an off-duty pilot might
38In two hours, the timer would reach zero…
39If you were given a gun on a plane, would you pull the trigger?
40It wasn’t turbulance… it was far worse
41“Truly an anxiety-inducing, edge-of-the-seat, suspense.” Amazon review
42A mild mannered maintenance man… who wants to get his own back
43Being a commercial airline pilot has it’s perks… but not today
44Advice to people who don’t like flying: Don’t read this book
45This flight is every traveler’s worst nightmare…
46When the guy in seat 34B wants everyone dead. Who will step up and stop him?
47Flight 2262: Bringing terror to the holiday season
48The promise of palm trees and sandy beaches turns into an off-duty pilot’s worst nightmare
49Are you sitting next to a terrorist?
50The Christmas get away that could be their last…
51“I will seriously think hard before flying again!” Amazon reviewer
5235,000 feet up… Both pilots are dead… And the door to the cockpit is locked…
53What would you do if you were stuck on a plane containing a bomb?
54What goes up…must come down…but where and how are another matter
55Two hours before the plane took off, everything was normal…then all hell breaks loose
56One bomb. One flight to Hawaii. One off-duty pilot caught up in hell at 35,000ft
57December 27, 9:43pm: Two hours before the event…
58“I’m just glad I wasn’t reading this on an ocean crossing flight.” Amazon reviewer
59A the fate of a doomed airliner lies with one man… 
60“Is there enough fuel? How long do they have left before the airliner nose dives into the deep seas?” Amazon Reivew
61Paradise awaits…but not the one you’re thinking of
62Death’s grip wraps around an aeroplane at 35,000ft. Only one man can prise it loose.
63If turbulance makes you feel sick, then a bomb going off mid-flight isn’t going to help
64When both pilots are dead and an off-duty pilot steps up to fly the plane…but the cockpit is locked
65An off-duty pilot. A terrorist seeking revenge. And plane full of terrified passesngers
66What happend on flight 2262 bound for Hawaii, but never made it?
67Imagine going away for the holidays…and someone hijacks your plane
68When everything airlines don’t want to happen…happens
69If you think you’re safe at 35,000ft, think again…
70Seeing in the New Year in Hawaii was supposed to be a treat, now they’ll be lucky to suvive the flight
71If the bomb doesn’t kill you, plummetting 35,000ft will…unless one man can get in the cockpit
72Who else wants to die horribly in the middle of the Pacific?
73Everyone’s full of festive spirit… until all hell break loose
74The seatbelt sign is on. The captain is dead. And there’s a terrorist with a massive grudge
75The off-duty pilot, who thought he was going on holiday, is desperate to get into the cockpit…
76When a bomb explodes on Flight 2262 to Hawaii, how can there be any survivors?
77Christmas is a time for giving…and putting on your life jacket
78A plane full of passengers expecting to go on holiday. And one man who wants everyone dead. 
79“Sometimes there is a good reason to be frightened of flying.” Amazon review
80“Airplane thrillers are my favorites and this is one of the best.” Amazon Review
81We are now boarding for flight 2262, please have your boarding cards and dental records handy
82The seatbelt sign is on… but that won’t do you any good
83There’s no such thing as a perfect landing…especially not in the middle of the Pacific
84What if the only person left who could fly the plane, couldn’t get into the cockpit?
85“Die hard but with Afghan terrorists, airplanes and jujitsu.” Amazon reviewer
86He was an ordinary maintenance man…with a twisted plot for revenge
87A flight veers wildly off course over the Pacific…How long do they have until the fuel runs out?
88How an airport maintence man turned 250 tons of metal into a ticking time bomb 
89“The ‘death’ of the airplane is horrifyingly realistic.” Amazon reviewer
90An off-duty pilot. A maintence man with a grudge. And plane full of holiday makers pulmetting into the ocean
91Throw away your life jacket…it won’t save you. 
92A mild mannered maintenance man throws more than a spanner in the works…
93Flying a plane is just like driving a bus…unless there’s someone on board who wants everyone to die
94Heading away for the holidays, an off-duty pilot settles into his seat. He didn’t expect what happened next
95“Shouldn’t have read it while on an airplane.” Amazon reviewer
96When an off-duty pilot boards a plane to Hawaii, he didn’t expect to have to break into the cockpit
97Who’d be your best hope if your fligth was taken over by a terrorist?
98“You may never want to fly again after reading this book.” Amazon review
99Sabotaged by an extremist. The heroic acts of an off-duy pilot. This is the harrowing story of Flight 2262
100This is no flight simulator… And the plane is going down

Summary: I’m definitely slower with fiction. I also noticed how much I like an ellipsis in a hook.

Time taken: 3hrs – 3hrs 30 mins (didn’t track it very well)

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