Day 6 – The Copper’s Lot (nf)

Book: Cooper’s Lot

Author: Steve Donohoe, Paul Horton, Simon Paterson

Category: Non-Ficiton – Law Enforcement Biographies

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All 100 hooks:

1What everybody ought to know about policing in Britain
2Violent crime and the price officers pay fighting it.
3Is the price our officers pay to keep us safe worth it?
4True stories from life on the beat
5The last line: British police officers share their dramatic real-life stories 
6If you had to step up to the plate, could you?
7Which side of the thin blue line would you rather be on?
8“It really made me think about what the Police do, day in and day out to protect us, but who actually protects them?” Amazon reviewer
9Brutally honest accounts of officers finding themselves in life threatening situations
10“Essential reading for anyone who wants a to balance the current media ‘police-bashing’ rhetoric with the human side of policing.” Amazon review
11“A book you won’t regret buying, and one which you won’t forget in a hurry.” Amazon reviewer
12Revealed, for the first time, and in their own words the true reality of life on the beat
13There has never been a harder time to be a police officer in the uk
14“Real life stories of the challenges faced by our police force and the consequences for those who gave them.” Amazon review
15The harrowing reality of modern day policing exposed
16The unsung heros of modern policing
17“The individual stories in this book are told with compassion and integrity.” Amazon Reviewer
18True stories of the courage and bravery of modern police officers
19On the right side of crime
20Dramatic, real-life stories of Britains heroic police officers
21The true crime: Britian’s police officers tell their stories with brutal honesty
22Life on the beat and the reality of British policing revealed
23Crime and punishment: The couragous acts of British police and the consequences they face
24Uncovering the untold courage of Britains police officers
25A no holds barred view of policing in the uk
26999, what’s your emergancy?: The state of British policing as told by those on the frontline
27The dangerously thin blue line
28The dramatic and traumatic experiences of police officers on the frontline
29Protecting the streets of Britain: The couragous acts of the people sworn to protect us
30The courage and sacrifice: Life on the thin blue line
31“This is a profoundly disturbing look at policing in the UK today.” Amazon Reviewer
32The impact of violent crime on British polices officers
33Courage and fear: Stories from the thin blue line
34“A compilation of mini-biographies of police officers whose careers have ended prematurely.” Amazon review
35“My heart went out to these dedicated people who have had to walk away from a job they brought so much to.” Amazon review
36The thin blue line is getting thinner
37Shocking and brave accounts of life on the beat
38Not all heroes wear capes
39The harrowing accounts of the police officers who deal with violent crime
40The crime fighters left with their own battles
41Ex-coppers reveal deeply personal insights into the reality of British policing
42Courage and trauma and the reality of policing today
43These are the streets of Britian as seen by the police officers who patroled them
44How Britain’s finest shine on the darkest days
45The human cost of maintianing the peace
46To the people who commit crime: Real life stories from the heros you’re upagainst
47The bravery of the boys (and girls) in blue
48Uniquely dangerous, brutally honest, dramatic real life stories about policing the streets of Britain
49Read these real life stories of modern policing before you believe a word the media tells you
50“Rob Hindley gives us a look at the other side of the coin.” Amazon review
51Ello, ‘ello, ‘ello, what’s going on ‘ere then? 
52Giving it up: The harrowing impact of violent crime on Britain’s police officers 
53How the British police force treats it’s heros
54For Queen and country and mental health: Harrowing true stories about life as a police officer
55For the first time, police officers open up about the realities of policing today
56The most important book about fighting crime in Britain by the officers who were there. 
57The men and women protecting the heart of British democracy
58What is modern day policing? Uncompromishing descriptions from the crime fighters of Britain
59It ain’t what it use to be
60What is that the police really do? Hear from those who’ve lived life on the frontline
61Stories from the police officers who swore to protect us
62Throw away your misconceptions. Real officers reveal the realities of policing Britain
63The untold stories of courage and sacrifice from the officers policing British streets 
64Surviving the aftermath: Real-life stories from the frontline of British crime
65Learning to live again: The couragous stories of police officers who faced violent crime
66What is that the police really do?
67True stories from Britain’s couragous officers
68Keeping the peace: The harrowing real-life stories of life on the frontline
69Law and order and the price our officers pay
70Who protects the protectors? The truth about policing in Britian told by the people who’ve survived it
71How far does the line of duty stretch?
72The harrowing insights and sacrifices made by everyday heros
73The people who are there when you need them the most
74The harrowing truth about violent crime told by the police officers on the frontline
75The brave acts of Britain’s police officers retold with brutal honesty
76Policing ain’t what it used to be…now it’s much worse
77The humanitarian cost of crime fighting in the UK
78Retired police officer, Rob Hindly, bring together the true stories of his collegues
79True stories of the men and women who signed up to be heros
80To protect and desert: The police officers let down by their bosses
81The real-life crime stories from police officers who survived them
82What the media doesn’t tell you about the heros on our streets
83“A vivid picture of dedicated men and women worn down by the demands of the job.” Amazon reviewer
84Dramatic, real-life stories of Britains police officers revealed with brutal honesty
85“Glimpses of the terrifying level of crime in the UK.” Amazon review 
86Courage and Scarifice: The cost of being a police officer in modern Britain
87The heroes among us
88Exposed: Undercover and underfunded policing
89“My heart went out to these dedicated people who have had to walk away from a job they brought so much to.” Amazon reviewer
90Crime doesn’t pay for police officers
91When the people you need the most need help…
92The truth that lies behind the media-bashing
93Harrowing stories from the exceptional men and women who protect us
94Never before have so many owed so much to so few. 
95Would you run for cover or run to help?
96The shocking truth about life as a police officer in the UK
97Protecting and serving the public…at what cost?
98Today’s police do far more than prevent and detect crime…
99Couragous acts and the fear they faced in the figth against crime
100Real life case studies highlighting the truth about British policing.

Summary: I almost brought this book after reading the look inside. Hopefully some of these hooks do it justice.

Time taken: 2hrs 40 mins

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