Day 3 – Overcome Overthinking (nf)

Book: Overcome Overthinking

Author: Kirk Teachout

Category: Fiction – Non-fiction self help

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All 100 hooks:

1Why do we sabotage and doubt ourselves?
2Overcome self-doubt and ditch the naggin ‘what ifs’
3Should you buy this book? Don’t over think it. 
4Give it a rest: how to stop your brain from overthinking
5Thinking is complicated. Overthinking isn’t. You can fix it. 
6Can’t keep up? Worried about worrying too much? 
7Overthinking: The ‘what ifs’ holding you back
8How your memory and hindsight lead you to overthinking. And what to do about it
9Before you overcome your overthinking, you’ve got to understand your overthinking
10Losing sight of who you truely are because you’re thinking too much?
11The last word on overthinking
12When one worry leads to another worry…you’re worrying too much
13How to make a decision, even if you’re prone to overthinking
14Regain control of your racing thoughts
15When people prone to overthinking feel overwhlemed, this is what they do
16Overthinking can keep you feeling stuck. Are you going to stay there or find away to free yourself?
17When you wish you could stop overthinking, but you don’t like change…
18It’s time to understand you, and get to the bottom of why you overthink
19Thousands of people are prone to overthinking, here’s how they control it
20Are your thoughts helpful or harmful?
21Feel like your mind is stuck on an endless playback loop?
22Free up some brain-space, stop overthinking with these simple techniques
23It’s 2am and you can’t stop thinking about that conversation with your boss—two weeks ago. 
24You’re right, overthinking isn’t normal. Here’s what you can do about it
25Does everyone overthink? Or is it just you?
26If you could stop overthinking, what would your life look like?
27Would you rather take control of your anxiety and overthinking, or carry on feeling like you’re not good enough?
28What’s your best chance of overcoming overthinking?
29Losing sleep over converstion you had six months ago? Let’s work out why. 
30Want to stop your thoughts coming in a million miles a minute?
31Are you addicted to overthinking? 
32The most insightful book on why we overthink and how to fix it
33Quit overthinking and live life without doubting your every move
34If overthinking has got you overthinking your life, this book offers an empathetic and non-judgemental approach to get back on track
35How I quit overthinking and turned my life around
36The ultimate guide to your overthinking brain 
37Does worrying about what people will think hold you back?
38Healthy thinking is all about balance. But what is yours is off?
39This book examines the one thing holding you back from overcoming overthinking…
40Get busy thinkin’ or get busy livin’
41What your brain doesn’t tell you when you’re overthinking and need to make a decision
42Your fast-track to a calmer and more mindful way of thinking
43You can’t live without your brain, so how do you get it shut up?
44Hate change, but hate overthinking too?
45For the people who want to stop overthinking, but can’t…
46Struggling to get off the struggle-bus? End the spiral of overthinking
47Discover the simple techniques to stop overthinking and quiten your mind
48This practical and easy-to-use book is full of actionable techniques to help you reduce your anxiety
49The man who’s brain exploded because he thought too much
50Is the ability to make confident decisions, without overthinking, something you want?
51Overthinking is complicated. Let’s uncomplicate it. 
52How to fix overhtinking, for good
53If you could release those spiraling, anxious thoughts, would you?
54Overthinking: It’s not you, it’s your brain
55Understand what’s going on in your mind and realise you’re not crazy!
56Are you ever going to stop overthinking?
57Overwhelmed by overthinking? Ditch the self-doubt and second guessing. 
58Overthinking crushing your confidence? 
59Overthinking everyday situations can keep you stuck. Want to get unstuck?
60“This book offers valuable insights, practical strategies, and unwavering support on the journey to mental well-being.” Amazon reviewer
61Got a head so full of unhelpful and unwanted stuff that you can’t think straight?
62The overthinker’s guide to living more peacefully
63An entreprenuer’s guide to stop overthinking and doubting yourself
64This book is for anyone in the Overthinkers Club and wants to leave. 
65The last book on overthinking you’ll ever need
66The science behind your brain’s habit of overthinking
67The secret reasons you’re prone to overthinking that lie hidden in your subconscious
68The little ways that lead to overthinking
69Ruminating on the past, worrying about the future are unhelpful habits you can learn to live without
70Ditch self-doubt and overthinking. Live with a clear head and confidence
71Feeling like a nervous wreck and overthinking everything? Let’s get that sorted
72How to take charge of your brain and stop overthinking
73The best way to stop overthinking – and make decisions without second guessing yourself
74What everybody ought to know about overthinking
75A guide to understanding your overthinking and how to become the person you know you really are
76Say goodbye to forever questioning yourself and say hello to a calmer you
77Imagine not worrying about the nagging ‘what ifs’…
78The secret to quit overthinking and live more freely
79Have a habit of creating problems that don’t exist?
80You’re addicted to overthinking. Here’s how to quit. 
81Overthinking your problem doesn’t solve the problem…
82Picture a confident you – saying goodbye to self-doubt
83Know your triggers: discover the root cause of your overthinking
84Practical techniques to help you stop overthinking
85The broken thought patterns that lead to overthinking
86Let’s not overthink this. You can control how your brain thinks
87Suppose you could teach you brain how not to overthink…
88Wish your brain would shut for a hot minute? You’re not the only one…
89Why do only some people overthink EVERYTHING
90If you could control your anxiety and overthinking, then how much freer would you feel?
91Can you really stop overthinking. Hint: yes you can. Here’s how…
92Overcome overthinking, reduce anxiety, or simply live a more mindful and authentic life
93It’s time to throw away the negative thought patterns holding you back
94How to hack your brain to stop overthinking
95The quickest and easiest way to calm your thoughts and make good decisions
96Overthinking is a dangerous cycle, and can easliy lead to increasing anxiety and despression
97You are not your thoughts. Stop overthinking stuff with these simple techniques
98Constantly overthinking everything is draining your energy
99Quit overthinking already
100Wave goodbye to endless overthinking, say hello to a more condifent you

Summary: Hmm, non-fiction definitely feels easier.

Time taken: 2hrs 15 mins

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