Day 2 – Ninth Day Creation (f)

Book: Ninth Day Creation

Author: Leonard Crane

Category: Fiction – Technothriller

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All 100 hooks:

1Why do scientists ask so many questions? Espically when the answers could destroy the planet.
2Greed or glory: the scientific discovery set to plunge the world into mayhem
3An unassuming scientist solves the hottest probĀ­lem in biochemistry since 1953… now he regrets it
4Climate change is bigger than all of us. Can one man’s medical break through save us?
5The earth is drying up. But the solution might kill everyone. 
6When scientists reveal a medical breakthrough, no one expects the castastophy that follows
7Suppose you made the scientific discovery of the centurary, and someone wanted to use it as a deadly weapon?
8The hottest year on record is set divide nations. And one scientist is about to make matters worse…
9“Once the chain of events was unleashed, the action didn’t stop.” Amazon Reviewer
10The guy who developed the cure for AIDS… regrets it
11Should all scientific discoveries be shared? Especailly when they could be deadly.
12When you find the cure for one the worlds most deadilest diseases… but someone wants to use it as the ultimate bioweapon
13“Ninth Day of Creation is one of those books that you wish would never end.” Amazon review
14Why do scientists ask so many questions? Especially when the answers could get them killed.
15The guy who developed the cure for AIDS… And now he wants to take it back
16The gene-technologist and the biochemist: the two most unlikely people to spark an international crisis
17Will anyone survive a the international crisis sparked by a 
18If the world’s leaders can’t solve the climate crisis, maybe a biochemist and gene-therapist can…
19When the world’s leaders are given the answer to the hottest problem on the planet, you’d think they’d use it for the greater good…wouldn’t you?
20As Earth crumbles into dust, a medical discovery is set to change life as we know…if only to ends up in the right hands
21“Intelligent, fast-paced, with a complex, tightly woven plot, featuring more twists, turns and surprises than one expects.” Amazon Review
22Can the scientist who sparked an international political crisis also be the one to end it?
23How one scientist’s discovery triggered an international crisis and an arms race.
24The Northern Hemisphere is drying out. World leaders are scrambling for power. And two scientists set to shatter life as we know it.
25What the world’s leaders don’t want you to know about climate change, and their deadly plan to keep it that way. 
26Who knew that discovering the cure for AIDS could be so deadly 
27Who’d have thought adding an extra strand to human DNA could be so dangerous…
28As the world dries up, so does humanity’s hope
29In the face of a climate crisis, the fate of humanity rests with two scientists
30The planet is drying up. World leaders are panicking. And a medical breakthrough set to shatter life as we know it.
31Political tensions run high as Earth’s temperature rises. All hope lies with an unknown biochemist and a gene-technologist
32In an effort to save lives sooner rather later… a new medical vaccine is released too early… far too early
33The truth about the climate crisis that lies hidden in your DNA
34How will humans survive a climate catastrophe? One man has figured it out…
35A scientist makes the discovery of a the centuary… and uncovers the government’s drastic measures to prevent the country’s collapse
36It’s the hottest year on record. Water is rationed. And the world’s leaders only want one thing…the deadilest biological weapon ever created. 
37The last chance to save the planet from the climate crisis rests on the shoulders of a biochemist and a gene-technologist
38How can the cure for AIDs be so deadly?
39As the world crumbles to dust. All hopes lie with an unknow biochemist and a gene-technologist. 
40In the face of a climate catastrophe, political leaders still only want one thing, power….and control of a deadly bioweapon
41“The sub hunts and sea skirmishes are some of the best writing I’ve seen in many years.” Amazon review
42The biochemist who discovered the cure for AIDS, and sparked an international crisis
43The key to solving the world’s climate crisis is in reach… but who gets it first matters. 
44The world is crumbling to dust, countries on the brink of war, and the scientist who’s discovery might save everyone 
45Imagine discovering the cure for AIDS… and turning into a biological weapon
46If you were given the keys to saving humanity from the climate crisis, would you share it or use it as a deadly weapon?
47Is it a good idea to add an extra strand to double helix of human DNA?
48The unheard of scientist who makes the medical discovery of a lifetime… and sends the world into chaos
49Earth beings to look like it’s not a place warrented for men…
50Water rationing. An ecological catastrophy. And scientist who sparks an international crisis 
51The Earth is crumbling. International relations are at breaking point. When a medical breakthrough kill or cure everything. 
52How an expectional chemist, that nobody has ever heard of, solved humanity’s hottest problem
53Climate change will kill us all… unless the government gets there first…
54The discovery of the centrury might just prevent the climate crisis…or shatter the human race as we know it
55Global relations in tatters…one medical breakthrough might save humanity or lead to it’s undoing
56One biochemist makes an impossbile discovery… one that could change humanity forever
57Money, greed, power, and the deadilest bioweapon ever created
58Two words: humanitarian disaster.
59A journey of power, greed, corruption, political intrigue and world in mayhem.
60A gripping tale of international politics, science and engaging underdog protagonists.
61The medical discovery that sparks an international crisis
62Through the magic of genetics, one scientist has found the cure for AIDS… and the world will never be the same.
63The gene-technologist with the power to change humanity…but should he?
64To the people with the power, climate change isn’t the worst of their problems…
65As the global political rift widens, and Earth becomes less habital, a wonder drug may be humanity’s only hope. 
66What if the science says one thing, but your instinct tells you it’s wrong?
67Climate change threatens the last bastion of hope, a medical breakthrough… one that’s deadly in the wrong hands
68A climate catastrophe. A public health care disaster. And still, all the world’s leaders want is to have the most power. 
69What’s your best chance of surviving an international climate-induced crisis?
70A smart, exciting dive into the deadly world of biological warefare and international intrigue
71Why let climate change kill humanity…when we can do it oursleves with the worlds most deadilest bioweapon
72Do we let humanity die slowly in face of climate change or do we cull the population to sustainable levels?
73Small time scientific research facility makes a big medical discovery… and now all the world’s leaders want to control it
74Thousands will die because of climate change. Thousands more will perish if the world’s deadliest biological weapons ends up in the wrong hands.
75Climate change is real, and so is the ability to modify human DNA like never before…
76It’s too late to stop climate change… is it too late for humanity?
77Can one scientist foil crime against humanity?
78A medical breakthrough thought to be humanity’s last hope, could actually be it’s undoing
79Climate change doesn’t matter…If you’re the one controling the worlds most deadilest weapon
80Political tension runs high as an unassuming biochemist reveals a medical breakthrough that could change humanity forever
81How a cure for AIDS could have shattering consequences on a global scale
82In the face of a climate catastrophe, the stage is set for a new type of human. 
83A gripping technothriller with a political twist. 
84The biggest medical breakthrough since antibiotics, and it could be deadly
85An innocent scientific breakthrough could kill humanity before climate change does. 
86Both science fiction and political thriller, written masterfully so that the suspense builds and builds and never lets up.
87” A nuclear blast of heart-pounding, hair-raising, dry mouth tension.” Amazon reviewer
88Earth: no longer a place that warrants the existence of men
89Two scientists. One Cure for AIDS. And geopolitical tensions on the brink of diaster
90Ecological cover ups. Political power plays. And the scientist that started it all. 
91The human genome could turn into the world’s most deadly weapon. 
92Why fight the climate crisis when you can fight over a deadly biological weapon?
93Drastic measures lead to drastic soltutions, including biological warfare
94Biological warfare and the international politics that threaten the globe
95Cover ups and lies. The political power-plays that cost lives. And a scientist with a deadly discovery
96When losing control of the population is not an option, the fate of humanity rests with two scientists
97“Scientists will love it.” Amazon review
98How to cover-up a climate crisis by creating the worlds most deadly biological weapon
99The political cover up and the medical breakthrough that could expose everything
100How much can you alter human DNA…before it gets deadly?

Summary: Ooff, my brain was not feeling it today. Fiction feels harder than non-fiction.

Time taken: 4hrs (must speed up… a lot!)

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