Day 1 – Rewriting the Rules (NF)

Book: Rewriting the rules: An anti self help guide to love, sex and relationships

Author: Dr. Meg-John Barker

Category: Non-fiction self help

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All 100 hooks:

1Stuck in a love rut? Keep getting your heart broken? Maybe it’s time for a radical rethink?
2The one who dares to ask is the one who finds the answers
3The little changes that radically change the way you think about love
4Who writes the rules for love?
5You can’t live with ’em, but you can’t live without ’em. 
6Did you know Facebook has over 70 ways to describe your gender?
7Giving you the power to love in a way that works for you
8The sex therapist with the answers, insights, and understanding to give you an alternative way of looking at relationships
9Struggling to understand and enjoy your relationships?
10Practical and emotional support regarding love, sex, and relationships
11Picking apart the unwritten rules of love and how to create your own rules
12The rules of love are complicated. Knowing which ones to break feels worse.
13You want to enjoy your relationships, but finding The One feels impossible
14Radically rethink your understanding of love
15Can you be more open with yourself?
16If you’re struggling to understand and enjoy your relationships, then this book will help you question everything you thought you knew. 
17Do you ever struggle to understand and enjoy your relationships?
18Thousands have found ‘The One’… or have they?
19An empowering book inviting you to see things differently
20From the author of The Psychology of Sex, comes Rewriting the Rules – the new updated edition
21In the maze of moderne love, rewrite the rules you love by. 
22How to do relationships in the maze of modern day love
23Who else wants to find The One?
24An alternative way of looking at relationships
25What’s your best chance of finding The One?
26“Tackle the dos and don’ts that flood intimate relationship advice.” Esther Perel, Author of Mating in Captivity
27The rules we love by and how to break them
28The questions about love worth asking, and the answers to everything
29This book will help you understand what rules are important to you…and which ones you can ignor
30Radically rethink the way you see your relationships and your life.
31Love is like a box of chocolates
32Always attracted to the wrong type? 
33Thought you were happy? This book forces you to think again. 
34De-mystifying the unwritten rules of love 
35Ridiculous rules and how to break them
36Questioning the reality of love in an uncertain world
37A thoughtful and thought-provoking guide through the uncertainty of modern relationships
38What if it is you?
39Debunked: The unwritten rules ruining your relationships
40How to find The One in a time of uncertainty
41“Live by your own vision, with those you love, as entirely as yourself.” Dossie Easton, Marriage & Family Therapist, Co-author of The Ethical Slut
42It’s complicated, ok? Or is it?
43“This book is like a therapy session and a hug.” Amazon review
44Are you ruled by your head or your heart…or neither?
45Imagine making your own rules for love, se, and relationships
46What your mother doesn’t teach you about love. 
47A rebelious guide to modern love
48Gender, sexuality, and relationships – and how to make sense of them in an uncertain world
49This is love, but not as you know it. 
50Are you being honest about who you are?
51When a sex therapist struggles with the uncertainty of love, this is what they think
52How do you relate to the people you love?
53Who are you? Really? 
54What is modern love?
55Is the maze of modern love ruling your life?
56A guide through one of life’s most complicated issue
57“Wise, accessible, and properly researched.” Amazon reviewer
58If you found The One, how would you know?
59Who writes this stuff? And other questions about love and relationships
60The lies well tell oursleves about love and how to spot them
61Quit queastioning yourself. Choose how to connect with the people you love
62The relastionship answers that lie in your subconcsious. 
63Live, love, and enjoy your relationships
64How to write your own rules on love, even if you struggle to enjoy your relationships
65This book is for anyone who has ever questioned anything about their relationships, sexuality, or the status quo
66They say love is blind. Isn’t time we took a deeper look?
67Why do we complicate love, sex, and relationships?
68Practical and emotional support for anyone struggling to understand and enjoy their relationships
69What is love: the questions worth asking and the answers to everything
70An open-minded and friendly guide to help you navigate the maze of modern love
71This book will help you learn which realtionship rules are important to you.
72For people who want to understand their relationships, but can’t find the answers
73The secret to finding love on your terms. 
74Throw away everything you thought you knew about love. 
75Everywhere you go, you’re guided by unwritten rules. But which ones can you break?
76In the search for the meaning of love, the answer isn’t complicated
77Suppose you radically rethink everything you know about love, sex, and relationships?
78This book questions everything you thought you knew about the rules of love
79Choose how to connect with the people you love
80What everybody ought to know about love. 
81Which rules are ruling your love life?
82“Educational, humorous, and thought provoking.” Amazon review
83The quickest and easiest way to understand the rules we love by. 
84It’s not you, it’s me…or is it?
85Teasing apart the rules for love, romance, sex, and partnership
86Are you searching for The One? Maybe you’re looking in all the wrong places
87How to be more open with yourself
88Why are relationships so complicated?
89Unpicking the unwritten rules we love by, and guiding you to write your own
90An educational, humorous, and well researched book about love, sex, and relationships
91Finding The One: Radically rethink your approach to the people you love
92Would you rather play by other peoples rules or create your own?
93Thoughtfully expandind our understanding of relationships
94This book will help you learn which rules are the most important to you
95Discover how to connect with others…and quit questioning yourself
96Love: A straight foward look at the unwritten rules and why most of them don’t apply
97The ridiculouslessness of love in an overcomplicated world
98Love and live on your terms. Choose who and how you connect with the people you love
99Biggest insights about love and relationships ever crammed into one book
100The ultimate guide to the rules we love by and how to break them

Summary: Off to a fairly good start, although some of these feel like blog headlines.

Time taken: 2.5hrs – ish (must speed up a bit!)

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