Week #26 – Kishimi & Koga – The Courage to be Disliked

This week’s book description breakdown is from Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitake Koga’s book, The Courage to be Disliked.

It’s currently sitting at number 1,594 in the UK Kindle Store, and 15 in Relationships (Kindle Store).

Let’s take a look…

A screenshot of the Amazon sales page for
Here’s the Amazon link for a better look.

Let’s break it down…

Here’s the opening hook:

They follow up with social proof that also signals the book’s positioning (self-help). 

This first sentence, although clunky, goes straight for the benefit of what the book will do for the reader. They’re selling the desired outcome. 

The framing here is what caught my attention. They kept it positive and we focused rather than ‘you’ focused. I think this is because people don’t like to be made to feel bad about their situation, rather they want to feel there is hope.

Now, they circle back to using social proof using the number of copies sold worldwide. They also repeat the title again, just to cement that into your memory. There’s a missing word at the end, which just goes to show that you can get away with an imperfect blurb, but perhaps only if there is enough curiosity and desire built up.  

If there’s anything I’d change up, it’s the formatting. It’s a big chunk of copy and therefore hard on the eye. Increasing the white space not only gives your eyes a break, but the slight pause also gives your brain time to catch up. 

Had this book not had the social proof it does, I’d be tempted to add a really tight sentence about the authors and their authority in the industry.

Is there anything you’d change?