Email Marketing

But how do you get that money out?

How do you convert a casual browser or first-time buyer into a lifelong fan?

Using email marketing to its full potential is a job in itself…

So many clients tell me that emailing is the first thing that drops off their marketing to-do list.

And yet the average ROI for email marketing is $42 for every $1 spent.

That’s a lot of money to leave on the table.

Which is why it’s worth investing in a good copywriter…

One who knows her stuff when it comes to the psychology of selling.

Here’s how I can help…

Welcome Flows

Need a welcome flow strategically designed to build trust and engage your reader? One that’s also designed as a market research tool as much as it is a way to connect…

  • No templates or no fill-in-the blank emails that every man and his use.
  • You’ll get a market-first welcome sequence strategically designed and tailored to your service and offer.

Automated email sequences

Whether you need a win-back flow, cart abandon flow, a consumption flow to name a few, I’ve got you. With a deep understanding of the psychology and strategies used in these flows, we’ll have you making money on auto-pilot.

  • Engaging sequences designed to keep people in your world.
  • Maximising your reach with minimal effort.

Regular emails & promo campaigns

Connecting with your audience regularly REALLY matters. You can learn so much about them—including how to sell to them without being salesy. Written in your tone of voice, no one will know you didn’t write the emails.

  • Anti-boring ongoing emails that build loyalty and trust.
  • Promo campaigns that don’t burn out your list.
  • Holiday and seasonal campaigns that make you stand out.

Sales page, landing page & upsell pages

It’s all very well having great emails, but what readers see before and after they click your email really matters. If you want a sales funnel that works like a well oiled machine, I can help you create it — or optimise an existing one.

  • Sales pages that actually sell.
  • Landing pages optimised for conversions.
  • Logical upsells that help buyers take their next steps.

Pre-launch & launch strategy

Cutting through the noise can be like cutting through my Grandma’s dry fruitcake. I’ll help you with a mouthwatering pre-launch and launch plan and emails that whet appetites and gets people excited to buy.

  • Social media campaign planning to get people talking.
  • An email marketing game plan so you know exactly what to say and when to send it.
  • Bonus offer strategies to get buyers drooling over your offer.

Funnel Audits

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” isn’t always the best advice. If you’ve got an existing funnel that could be performing better, I’ll use my diagnostic skills to show you where and how you can increase conversions.

  • A full audit of an offer of your choice.
  • From ads to landing pages and lead magnets.
  • Sales emails, CTA’s, and message continuity.

Step one – When you’re ready, use any of the links above to book a call.

Step two – We’ll have a 15 minute chat about what you need and if I’m the right person to help.

Step three – We agree a plan of attack.

Step four – I hunker down, work my word-magic, while you focus on your stuff.

Step five – We’ll polish the words together, then we’ll put those words into action.

I work best with down-to-earth folks who care about the impact their words and wisdom can have on others.

I’m not for billy-bullshitters out for every penny they can make using unscrupulous hype tactics.

Only genuinely nice people who understand and appreciate the value of good copy need apply.

How to get started…

Ready to start a conversation? You can head to my contact page, or simply book a call.

Let me know what help you need and we’ll go from there.