Non-fiction book descriptions

These 250 words are the linchpin for reaching best seller status. It’s hard to boil a book down to the bone in a way that’s compelling. Luckily for you, I know the exact 6 questions every book description needs to answer before readers will buy.

  • Desire-inducing book descriptions that speak to your target audience
  • Amazon SEO keyword and category research, so your book gets organic reach.
  • Amazon A+ content that continues to build the desire to buy.

Story-driven emails

Connect with your audience on a deeper level with emails that build lasting and genuine relationships — so when you do sell them something, they’ll want to buy it.

  • Engaging welcome sequences that get your relationship off to a good start.
  • Promo campaigns that don’t burn out or bore your list.
  • Pre-launch and launch campaigns.
  • Ongoing emails that build loyalty and trust.

Facebook & Amazon ad copy

Short form copy is my specialty. From knowing the audience to picking the right words, how you pre-frame the selling message matters. Getting people in the mindset to buy starts with knowing what they were doing 5 seconds before they saw your ad and what they’ll read next.

  • Targeted Facebook ad copy
  • Enticing Amazon ad copy
  • (I don’t do Goggle ads — I don’t recommend them for books)

Landing page & upsell copy

Maximising your conversions and increasing your average order value with landing pages and upsells that hold attention, build desire, and makes buying a no-brainer. From pitching the offer and nailing the messaging hierarchy, to leveraging bonuses and upsells, I’ve got the strategy and words to make it work.

  • Sales pages that actually sell.
  • Landing pages optimised for conversions.
  • Logical upsells that help buyers take their next steps.

Launch strategy

Cutting through the noise can be like cutting through my Grandma’s dry fruitcake. I’ll help you with a mouthwatering pre-launch and launch plan that whets appetites and gets them ready to buy.

  • Social media campaign planning to get people talking.
  • An email marketing game plan so you know exactly what to say and when to send it.
  • Bonus offer strategies to get buyers drooling over your offer.

Funnel Audits

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” isn’t always the best advice. If you’ve got an existing funnel that could be performing better, I’ll use my diagnostic skills to show where, and how, you can increase conversions.

  • A full audit of an offer of your choice.
  • From ads to landing pages and lead magnets.
  • Sales emails, CTA’s, and message continuity.

Step one – Click one of the links above. That takes you to my contact page. Tell me what you need help with.

Step two – We’ll hop on a 20 minute call. I’ll ask you a whole bunch of questions to get to know you and make sure I can help.

Step three – We agree a plan of attack.

Step four – I hunker down, work my word-magic, while you do you.

Step five – The words go live on the inter webs and we see the fruits of our labour.

I work best with down to earth folks who care about the impact their words and wisdom can have on others.

I’m not for billy-bullshitters out for every penny they can make using unscrupulous, hype tactics.

Only genuinely nice people who understand and appreciate the value of good copy need apply.

How to get started…

Ready to start a conversation? You can head to my contact page, or simply book a call.

Let me know what help you’re looking for, and we’ll take it from there.